Thursday, August 27, 2009

Art of the day

It's so hot today! But I'm not going to let that stop me from conjuring up patch of birch trees with a beautiful waterfall at its end. Rustling of leaves, soft breeze, roaring of the waterfall and cold spray of water. I'm feeling refreshed already!

Here is a glimpse into my delightful make belief world.

Rigmaro on the way to the waterfall, Bird art of the day
Rigmaro on the way to the waterfall

Narration - Behind the St. Swrzo orphanage at the end of the forest lies a beautiful waterfall. Rigmaro and his friends often walk through the woods to the falls. They love to swim in the adjoining pond.

Today his friends are already at the pond and Rigmaro is hurrying to join them. He can already feel the cold water refreshing his skin.
Rigmaro on the way to the waterfall, Bird art of the day

Both the prints look rather good as a set too. Some day when I have more time I should put all the bird prints together and see how that looks.

How does your make belief world look like?

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