Sunday, April 29, 2012

Illustration Friday - Jump

I did this illustration quiet a while back and it fits perfectly with this weeks topic - Jump - over at Illustration Friday

Fish jumping through a hoop 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Smile

Recently I have been wondering about the occasional curve balls universe throws at us and how we respond to them. It's difficult to really breeze through a crisis. I feel lucky to have people in my life who have set a fabulous example by actually using a crisis for their evolution and growth.

Knowing these courageous people gives me hope. A hope that some of their fairy dust will find a way to me. And the next time the universe seems to conspire I will be able to take a deep breath, smile, and open my mind to new possibilities.

How would you handle life's curve ball next time? How about with Just Smiles!

Just Smile, available for purchase here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Pink Rooster

Morning everyone! The weather here in Philly has been incredible lately. I'm talking low 80's, delicious warm breeze, sunny skies and tiny shorts. You can imagine the upbeat mood I've been in lately.

April is also the month to get my home organized, purge closets and de-clutter my work desk. After spring cleaning my iMac and discovering a few forgotten works that I created a while back, I’m now ready to share them here.

To brighten up this Tuesday, here is an illustration of The Pink Rooster. With a bird as beautiful as this one, I have kept the surroundings simple with just a few leaves. The green plays against the rooster's red and delicately emphasizes the flamboyance of this creature.

Wish you all a great week, see you next time !

The pink Rooster, available for purchase here