Friday, July 30, 2010

Paper Magnolia

I turned some pieces of paper into colorful Magnolia. What do you think about my attempt to turn illustrations into reality?

I'm sure you can see how much fun I had first creating these lovelies and then taking pictures. 

Rainbow Magnolia 3

PS. The line sheet that I have been working on since the past month is finally over! Yay! It was a very time consuming process but I'm very satisfied with the results. :)

As soon I figure out how to post pdf files in blogger I will share it with you all.

Kites is In Revista Göoo!!

I have been sitting on this fabulous piece of news for weeks now! I was eagerly waiting for the copy to arrive all the way from Argentina so that I could share the news (and pictures!) with all of you :)

This Utopia Issue is about 5.5" X 4" big and has the fresh off the press smell. The printing and paper quality is topnotch. You can order a copy here.

'Kites' in Utopia Göoo
Does it not look Fabulous in print?

This issue is called 'Utopia'

The magazine is filled with such amazing work from some really talented artists. Here are some other pages. Oh! I'm in such good company :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fantazya Diary Project

Have you heard about Fantazya diary project? Its a really neat diary where every page is created (with art, craft, photography, poems and what not) by a different artist. The resulting diary is pretty cool and full of surprises.

I created these two pages and decided that I would like to see the curly sheep in the diary.

This is the page that will be in the dairy

 I can’t wait to lay my hands on Diary 2011!!

Rainbow Magnolia 2

Obviously I was in a extra bright mood when I created this yesterday :) 

Lately I have notices a slight change in my color palette. From highly saturated colors, I have started gravitating towards slightly muted ones (relatively speaking of course). Yesterday's Illustration had the slightly muted colors that I'm talking about. Still bright and colorful but a little less saturated. 

And this has me a little bit bothered. I have always attributed my bright color palette to my Indian roots and any deviation from that scares me and makes me question if I'm getting a little disconnected from my culture. Or if it is a natural progression/ evolution in my work. Whatever it is I'm keeping an eye on it.
Rainbow Magnolia 2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Magnolia

I guess I'm in love with Magnolia! For the past few weeks I've been drawing them all day. With the temperature almost touching 100, I'm enjoying staying in and spending time with my happy Magnolias.

I'm still working on the series and will add some more in the following days.

Rainbow Magnolia
This is definitely not the scientific version of the Magnolia, but it's a fun one!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Catch me

Good Morning :D
Did everyone have a good weekend? 
Mine was extra sweet. We went fruit picking to a nearby orchard and ate like a couple of dozen of sweet and juicy donut peaches. They were fabulous! 

I was working on these picture last few week here. Created a lot of fun shapes with little paper rectangles. You will get to see some more of these in later posts too.

Catch Me

PS. Notice the super cool large pictures?

Friday, July 23, 2010


Another take on "Let there be light" .
This one has a string of buntings instead of light bulbs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Dreams and new challenges

In the past I had taken bright, saturated photographs for granted. My studio in our last home, had a huge window covering an entire wall and lots of sun light all day long. The result was crisp, vivid colors and the backgrounds pure white. Alas no more (Miss you old home)!

My work room here has one normal sized window and LOTS of trees all around (which is good for view but so bad for light). I struggle every day to find the right time and spot where the light will be bright yet diffused enough to not cause unnecessary reflections. The bunch of pictures I took yesterday look a little washed out and the colors don't show in their original intensity.

hmmm.. one more thing to figure out.

Day Dreams

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrate Love

There was a time years back when I totally abhorred heart shapes. I would be very uncomfortable using it for work. It always seemed so cheesy and juvenile!

And now I'm totally and completely in love with it. They makes my heart sing :)

I often find myself swinging between extremes. Have you had a love hate relationship with anything?

Celebrate Love

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garland Vendor 2

Another version of "The Garland Vendor" .
This one has two strings of multicolored felt flowers.

3d bird art