Monday, July 23, 2012

The Garden State

I love summer time. And this summer, so much has happened already. The most important being our move to New Jersey. Tarun and I are pro's at moving, fixing up and decorating new homes! We have been together nearly 5 years and have moved 4 times. What a journey! 

We’re absolutely in love with the new place. It’s much much bigger and we now have plenty of room to grow. The living & dining area has these amazing vaulted ceilings that makes the room feel huge! Every morning I wake up with sunlight streaming through the windows, drenching everything in a magical golden-white wash. After a hectic month of purging, packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking this is exactly what I need right now!

And of course, the studio space is dreamy and filled with sunlight too. Bunny Bee and I have a lot of room for work and play. Once the dust settles I will have time to take and post pictures. 

In the mean time here is some fresh foliage and a smattering of tiny flowers with a sweet message - drawn under the influence of crisp summer air and bountiful sunshine. Dream Big :)

Dream Big, available for purchase here

Have a blessed day everyone!