Friday, November 11, 2011

Riding the waves

Today lets peek into the enchanting laboratory of Kluto - a 60 year old accomplished Zoopian scientist. Today Kluto is unveiling his snazzy new invention - 'The Jarzole'. All you have to do is step into the Jarzole and say something like 'take me to the beach' and bam you are there, or more like beach is there for you!

Last week I grudgingly recycled a bunch of jam & pasta sauce jars. I save them hoping to put them to some stylish use later on. But a practical, non-carcinogenic and easy-to-do project remained elusive. And jars were just sitting around cluttering up my cupboards and taking up premium pantry space, so they had to go. This 'Riding the waves' illustration is a digital tribute to those Jars. May they have a more fulfilling next life as a Jarzole :)

Any other Jar Junkie out there?

Riding the waves, available for purchase here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mr. Beel

If you go to The Cafe Rint this lovely morning (and every other morning) you will see Mr. Beel sipping Iced-tea with Melma and Joz. (The couple is at present standing next to the juke box picking a song.)

Regarding Iced-tea, the other day I came across this home brewed Mango Iced-tea recipe. The hint of ginger totally seals the deal for me! While I was reading the recipe my mind wandered to a year spent in San Diego. Back then, we were having an Iced-tea phase. We always had a pitcher full of green or lemon Iced-tea ready in our fridge. I drew today's 'Mr. Beel' illustration to commemorate those days.

Now we are more calorie conscious and Iced-tea has become an occasional indulgence.

Mr Beel, available for purchase here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I’m constantly amazed at the healthy diet ideas out there, especially all the fun stuff my gym buddies know. While at the gym a few weeks back I heard an interesting piece of advice - frozen grapes to cure a sweet tooth!

I enjoy grapes, but freezing them sounded weird at first!  I gave it a try and amazingly, when frozen, grape becomes sort of creamy from the inside. The sweetness also seems to increase a little bit. Now I also enjoy purple grape smoothies -  one cup frozen grapes and one cup milk blended on high until smooth.

And this is how grapes in my world look like :)

Grapes, available for purchase here.