Friday, November 11, 2011

Riding the waves

Today lets peek into the enchanting laboratory of Kluto - a 60 year old accomplished Zoopian scientist. Today Kluto is unveiling his snazzy new invention - 'The Jarzole'. All you have to do is step into the Jarzole and say something like 'take me to the beach' and bam you are there, or more like beach is there for you!

Last week I grudgingly recycled a bunch of jam & pasta sauce jars. I save them hoping to put them to some stylish use later on. But a practical, non-carcinogenic and easy-to-do project remained elusive. And jars were just sitting around cluttering up my cupboards and taking up premium pantry space, so they had to go. This 'Riding the waves' illustration is a digital tribute to those Jars. May they have a more fulfilling next life as a Jarzole :)

Any other Jar Junkie out there?

Riding the waves, available for purchase here

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