Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Robin

Last Friday, Tarun found a Baby Robin hopping beneath the pine tree in our yard. She must have fallen from her nest and was too young to fly. He quickly fashioned a nest from a shoe box, and with the bird inside, secured it between two branches. We figured it would save her from prying cats (we have a lot of pet cats in our community) while her mom comes back to take care of her. Several hours passed but the mom did not show up and then it started pouring heavily. We could not let the baby bird die on our watch so we brought her in and placed her on a warm spot under a lamp.

She perked up a little once she was warm and comfortable and soon started hopping around the room. We fed her a little crushed and soaked cereal. Online forums recommended cat kibbles for baby birds so we made a trip to the pet store. Unfortunately, we could not bring ourselves to buy meat products, even to feed our little guest (Tarun and I are almost vegan). So it was back to the crushed and soaked cereal.

Next morning we made a few calls and found the White Flicker Wild Bird Rehabilitation Clinic in Ambler, PA. They take care of wild birds. We spoke to a really nice lady, took her address (1460 Dillon Rd, Ambler, PA 19002) and drove 30 mins to the center to drop our little charge off.We were really impressed with the love and care the staff and volunteers showed these little creatures. From feeding them every 15 mins and keeping them warm and clean to moving them to age appropriate cages so that they can learn to fly, hunt for food and eventually be released into the wild. Kudos to these people with golden hearts. We know our little robin is in the best hands possible.

Here are a few pictures of our time together.

Next morning - warm, comfortable and hopping around the room.

Bunny Bee checking her out.

So tiny!
So long!