Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ah! Sunflowers!

It has been a very cold and gray week. To lift the gloom I've been bringing more color into the studio. Today I picked up some gorgeous sunflowers. 

Having fresh flowers on my desk makes me happy!

Inspiration for my next print maybe?

Sunflower arrangement on Pragya Kothari desk

Monday, March 18, 2013

Having a Great Morning!

I'm quite enjoying making repeat patterns. In fact it's becoming pretty addictive. As my technique refines, I delve into more layered communication. Each pattern has a storyline that is sometimes obvious and other times more subtle. 

It's fun to make a collection of objects tell a story by way of placement, by just being there, or by its very absence.

Today I'm sharing this pattern called Spartan Bear.

It's the story of a reluctant Bear born into a clan of Spartan Warriors. Not your run of the mill, powerful and menacing Bear, but a kind hearted one who picked up the skills of wielding weapons, learned to tolerate bloodshed and trained his mind to do what is his destiny. And do it well.

Spartan Bear repeat pattern By Pragya Kothari
Spartan Bear By Pragya Kothari