Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cricket flier for Vibha

I have been super busy the past month. Tarun's project got relocated and we are moving (again!) to Philadelphia. There are half filled boxes everywhere and the movers are scheduled to be here on Saturday. So little time and so much to pack!

On the work front here is a recently completed cricket flier for Vibha.

So long,

Monday, May 17, 2010


Bella is mischievous, extremely smart and turns one this month.

dog portrait

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little princess on her royal throne

Bunny Bee has been with us for almost a month now :)
Usually I'm unable to get a clear shot of her as she is prancing around. But, today she sat gracefully and happily posed for me. I love the outcome!!

Bunny on red chair
baby bunnypragyak

All charms fly

I'm in a dilemma today. A few hours back I was contacted by an individual who showed interest in commissioning a series of 12 bird illustrations(my first response was yay!!). The catch is that they need vector files for the illustrations.

What bothers me about selling vector files is that I will not have control over what the person does with it. They could be printing a zillion copies and selling them or putting them on products without me knowing about it. Also, vector files are open to any and all modifications. The thought makes me soooo uncomfortable.

How should I respond to this request? If I go with my gut feeling and decline then am I making a rookie mistake? Or if I go head and accept, how should I price this project? Any of you ever faced something similar?

3d bird art
On a happier note, today's mixed media piece is called - All charms fly. Buy here.

mixed media bird art
bird illustraion

colorful bird illustrations

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rainbow Trees 2

I had created two versions of rainbow trees same colors, gradations and illustration but, with different buntings. One had triangular buntings (go here) and the other with flag like buntings.

Below are some pictures of the flag one.

LOVE the bunch of (about to bud?) baby’s breath I picked from the walking trail today. We have a forest reserve right behind our apartment building so there is plenty of flora fauna just a step away.

Bird and bunting artBuy here.

3d bird and bunting art
mixed media 3d art
colorful 3d  bird artnursery art

art for kids

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birdie hoops

While I was doing the fabric cluster for my little sister's wall (here) I realized how fabulous my little birdie friends will look in a similar cluster. I was running on jet fuel and there was no stopping me then :)

I spent the whole Tuesday night printing, cutting, ironing and stretching a bunch of birdie hoops. Here is a glimpse of the first three hoops. What do you think? I love the fabric texture and how the birds are slightly opaque.

I initially created this delicate pink paper mobile for a bird but then decided to use it as a prop instead.

bird hoopsBuy it here.

bird wall art
bird swatch wall
embroidery hoops by pragyak
3d bird art
3d fabric art

mixed media bird art
birds in embroidery hoops
Coming in the shop soon!

colorful fabric wall art

Is it time to celebrate yet?

It begins with a spark and ends with fireworks!

I'm talking about the process of creating and presenting my artworks. Increasingly I'm finding staging and photography the most rewarding experience of it all. It gives me a chance to think out of the box, break the boundaries and spill out of the area of work.

Every day I wake up thinking and dreaming of new and more creative ways to display and photograph my work. The challenge of creating something new makes me happy and also ends up bringing out the best in me and my work.

3d bird and bunting art
Celebrati0n 3. Buy here.

What are your thoughts on photographing your work? Do you enjoy it, revel in it or consider it a unnecessary chore?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Garland Vendor

A colorful flower garland anyone? :)

Flower garlands are an important part of Indian culture. Be it for wedding ceremony, worshiping or adornment. (note to self - dig up some pictures of garlands in India and share)

Meet my little Garland Vendor -

flower garland bird artClick here to buy. (SOLD)

colorful bird art

3d flower and bird art
mixed media wall art

This flower garland could be draped in multiple ways. A few ways -

one of a kind 3d bird art
bird and flower art
3d wall art
colorful bird art
colorful flowers
rainbow tree art
rainbow flower art

Monday, May 3, 2010

For bhavya, with love

My little sister has this empty wall in her apartment that she wanted something for. I know she loves bright colors (especially red) and I decided to put together something fun and whimsical that she can play around with.

It took me only a couple of hours to run to the store and pick out the fabric, hoops and stretch and hang this lovely piece.

And the best part is that she will have a ton of fun placing the hoops in a dozen different ways and finding out what works for her the best :)