Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birdie hoops

While I was doing the fabric cluster for my little sister's wall (here) I realized how fabulous my little birdie friends will look in a similar cluster. I was running on jet fuel and there was no stopping me then :)

I spent the whole Tuesday night printing, cutting, ironing and stretching a bunch of birdie hoops. Here is a glimpse of the first three hoops. What do you think? I love the fabric texture and how the birds are slightly opaque.

I initially created this delicate pink paper mobile for a bird but then decided to use it as a prop instead.

bird hoopsBuy it here.

bird wall art
bird swatch wall
embroidery hoops by pragyak
3d bird art
3d fabric art

mixed media bird art
birds in embroidery hoops
Coming in the shop soon!

colorful fabric wall art

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  1. Sigh, I absolutely adore these!


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