Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Garland Vendor

A colorful flower garland anyone? :)

Flower garlands are an important part of Indian culture. Be it for wedding ceremony, worshiping or adornment. (note to self - dig up some pictures of garlands in India and share)

Meet my little Garland Vendor -

flower garland bird artClick here to buy. (SOLD)

colorful bird art

3d flower and bird art
mixed media wall art

This flower garland could be draped in multiple ways. A few ways -

one of a kind 3d bird art
bird and flower art
3d wall art
colorful bird art
colorful flowers
rainbow tree art
rainbow flower art


  1. I am impressed by your art, so clever, so simple, so perfect.

  2. the garland is such a beautiful addition to an already beautiful work of art! thanks for that!


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