Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is it time to celebrate yet?

It begins with a spark and ends with fireworks!

I'm talking about the process of creating and presenting my artworks. Increasingly I'm finding staging and photography the most rewarding experience of it all. It gives me a chance to think out of the box, break the boundaries and spill out of the area of work.

Every day I wake up thinking and dreaming of new and more creative ways to display and photograph my work. The challenge of creating something new makes me happy and also ends up bringing out the best in me and my work.

3d bird and bunting art
Celebrati0n 3. Buy here.

What are your thoughts on photographing your work? Do you enjoy it, revel in it or consider it a unnecessary chore?


  1. photographing my work is my favorite thing
    but not in the wintertime
    as where I live it is almost always dark and dreary
    and I always prefer natural light
    happy to have discovered you work
    quite by accident today

  2. I personally enjoy the challenge of working toward consistent photography, but I love your approach to adding another layer of creativity to the process. After reading your thoughts, I'm inspired to rethink my approach to photography. Thanks for introducing the 'challenge'!

  3. It's a huge part of the whole selling process for me. I'm just getting all my ducks in a row for opening up my Etsy shop. I've been searching the net for creative ideas that inspire and pump me up and came across your clever display. My daughters think I might be a bit obsessed with the whole "setting of the scene" and the packaging part, but I really think it's a huge piece of the creative "rush", for me anyway. Plus, I just think it's a lot of fun and sometimes more fun than the making of the product itself. I'm always thinking while I am making something, of how to display it. Do you remember the old TV show called "Rhoda", a spin-off of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? (Showing my age here) Ever since then I have secretly wanted to be a window dresser. Not a secret now. Maybe I just make stuff so I can be a cool window dresser like Rhoda! Nice blog, I look forward to exploring it further.

  4. I loath taking pictures of my work!! I am NOT a photographer and my nikon coolpix sucks!! I think I just need to get the right camara... ugg... I don't have nearly as much stuff in my etsy shop as a result... Your photos and composition are brilliant!


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