Monday, May 10, 2010

All charms fly

I'm in a dilemma today. A few hours back I was contacted by an individual who showed interest in commissioning a series of 12 bird illustrations(my first response was yay!!). The catch is that they need vector files for the illustrations.

What bothers me about selling vector files is that I will not have control over what the person does with it. They could be printing a zillion copies and selling them or putting them on products without me knowing about it. Also, vector files are open to any and all modifications. The thought makes me soooo uncomfortable.

How should I respond to this request? If I go with my gut feeling and decline then am I making a rookie mistake? Or if I go head and accept, how should I price this project? Any of you ever faced something similar?

3d bird art
On a happier note, today's mixed media piece is called - All charms fly. Buy here.

mixed media bird art
bird illustraion

colorful bird illustrations


  1. I would definitely voice your concerns about your creative rights and the potential consequences - the very worst that this person can say is no and take away the commission, and then you're no worse off!

    Your creations are always lovely. :)

  2. Well, i dont have experience selling yet ..but my gut feeling is that your gut feeling is always right. you really don't have any control once the file leaves your hands.
    My other suggestion is post this query on the forums.. someone may have a more experienced answer.


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