Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's time for Thank You's

I have surpassed 2,000 Etsy hearts! Thank you everyone for the love :)

And thank you daniellexo for putting Birdumbus disappears on etsy.

Also thanks to the lovely Brittni who talked about ArtOcrat at her blog papernstitch, so sweet of her.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Garland Vendor in Nola’s room

I just love it when I see how customers have hung my work in their home, office or apartment. These photos are from finding magnolia who has hung the garland vendor in her daughter's new room. :)

To see more pictures of the gorgeous room click here.
Picture credits - Finding Magnolia.

Rainbow trees on papernstitch's daily picks!

Rainbow trees has been very popular in the last few weeks. It was in etsy finds email a few days back and now it's on Paper n Stitch's daily picks.

Visit the papernstitch homepage ( to check it out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Papa and me - A day before my wedding

I have been mentally writing this post for many many day. My one thought was to slip in quietly and resume writing again, as if nothing had ever happened. Doing that would have been so much more easier.

With this post I'm hoping for a catharsis.

On August 10th I received a phone call that changed my life forever. Papa, who was on a business trip to China, passed away in his sleep. I was devastated. We all were. For the longest time I didn't believe it. I had spoken to him a day before and he was happily telling me about his adventures in China. It was his first time there and he was enjoying it very much.

We left for India the next day and I have been here ever since. We were a close knit family of four (Papa, Mummy, my younger sister and me) and with papa gone there is a big gaping hole.

He was my one man fan club. The first one to congratulate me when I hit 100 sales on etsy, the one to print and proudly show around my first interview, the one to save my first newspaper front page picture. He would check the shop and read my blog daily. He sometimes knew about a sale before I did :)

I have been pretty disoriented since then. The grief has subsided but the emptiness is there. Every time I will myself to draw, the blank page stubbornly stares back at me. And it seems fitting. My personal utopia lies shattered around my feet and it looks like it will be a while before I'm able to create another happy illustration.

Oh, you will be missed so so much Papa.

So long,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All the Magnolia

I didn't get a chance to share this one earlier.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sailing in a Tea Cup

A few weeks back we went sailing at the Pinchot Lake. We had a great time sailing at this beautiful 340-acre man made lake. The weather was great, water calm and the breeze very soothing. I got an opportunity to click many pictures of colorful sailboats, kayaks and canoes.

Capturing that lovely time (with my own twist of course!) is this 'Sailing in a Tea Cup' illustration.

Sailing in a Tea Cup

Friday, July 30, 2010

Paper Magnolia

I turned some pieces of paper into colorful Magnolia. What do you think about my attempt to turn illustrations into reality?

I'm sure you can see how much fun I had first creating these lovelies and then taking pictures. 

Rainbow Magnolia 3

PS. The line sheet that I have been working on since the past month is finally over! Yay! It was a very time consuming process but I'm very satisfied with the results. :)

As soon I figure out how to post pdf files in blogger I will share it with you all.

Kites is In Revista Göoo!!

I have been sitting on this fabulous piece of news for weeks now! I was eagerly waiting for the copy to arrive all the way from Argentina so that I could share the news (and pictures!) with all of you :)

This Utopia Issue is about 5.5" X 4" big and has the fresh off the press smell. The printing and paper quality is topnotch. You can order a copy here.

'Kites' in Utopia Göoo
Does it not look Fabulous in print?

This issue is called 'Utopia'

The magazine is filled with such amazing work from some really talented artists. Here are some other pages. Oh! I'm in such good company :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fantazya Diary Project

Have you heard about Fantazya diary project? Its a really neat diary where every page is created (with art, craft, photography, poems and what not) by a different artist. The resulting diary is pretty cool and full of surprises.

I created these two pages and decided that I would like to see the curly sheep in the diary.

This is the page that will be in the dairy

 I can’t wait to lay my hands on Diary 2011!!

Rainbow Magnolia 2

Obviously I was in a extra bright mood when I created this yesterday :) 

Lately I have notices a slight change in my color palette. From highly saturated colors, I have started gravitating towards slightly muted ones (relatively speaking of course). Yesterday's Illustration had the slightly muted colors that I'm talking about. Still bright and colorful but a little less saturated. 

And this has me a little bit bothered. I have always attributed my bright color palette to my Indian roots and any deviation from that scares me and makes me question if I'm getting a little disconnected from my culture. Or if it is a natural progression/ evolution in my work. Whatever it is I'm keeping an eye on it.
Rainbow Magnolia 2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Magnolia

I guess I'm in love with Magnolia! For the past few weeks I've been drawing them all day. With the temperature almost touching 100, I'm enjoying staying in and spending time with my happy Magnolias.

I'm still working on the series and will add some more in the following days.

Rainbow Magnolia
This is definitely not the scientific version of the Magnolia, but it's a fun one!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Catch me

Good Morning :D
Did everyone have a good weekend? 
Mine was extra sweet. We went fruit picking to a nearby orchard and ate like a couple of dozen of sweet and juicy donut peaches. They were fabulous! 

I was working on these picture last few week here. Created a lot of fun shapes with little paper rectangles. You will get to see some more of these in later posts too.

Catch Me

PS. Notice the super cool large pictures?