Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Screen Printing try one

Last month I finally gave in to the urge of screen printing and bought some equipment from Ryonet. I got their Screen Printing Hobby Kit Plus kit and Versatex Screen Printing Inks. Though Rryonet came highly recommended I'm a little (ok, more than a little ) disappointed with their hobby press. It was so difficult to set up and even after a lot of DIY it still refuses to to stay perfectly horizontal! HUH!!

So anyway, I tried printing one flat color on a canvas with the screen and squeegee but it just didn't happen even after multiple tries. The color was of inconsistent thickness and the canvas kept sticking to the screen and when I pulled it apart the excess color had tons of tiny air bubbles. Sigh. I guess there will be a LOTS of trail and error before I can produce some decent prints :)

Will try and take some pictures of the current set up and post them soon.

On the more productive note, here are the two illustrations that I did last week and never got a chance to share.

Two chairs, illustrationPoolside

3 birds, illustrationBehind your back
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