Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guilty indulgences - Series of alphabet posters

While I was working on the Flights of Fancy bird art collection a new thought stared floating in my head. There are so many things that I love like cake, chocolate, clothes, movies, sleeping and eating fried food. And, when done in access these turn out to be real bad! I kind of sway between one excess to another.

I started doodling all the things (past and present) that I have overindulged in. Surprisingly the list is turning out to be rather long!

So, what better way than illustrations to share the list with you folks. So here is my first - C is for Cookie. I totally love cookies. Soft, crumbly, crisp or gooey. Packed with nuts, filled with chocolate, sprinkled with sugar or with chocolate chips. YUMM!!

Would love for you guys to share your guilty indulgences with me. I don't promise but, I could incorporate it into the next illustration.

To guilty indulgences then!


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