Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bird art of the day - Wootsy, the lighthouse keeper

Phew. What a busy week! One art a day really takes a lot of you! (well, me anyway).

Early today morning I dreamed of a foggy lighthouse with a red door, perched on a cliff. It was a nice dream filled with birds, fog, water spray, cracking walls and musty smells. I woke up wanting to capture it right away.

So here is the first illustration from the dream. It's also on sale at ArtOcrat.

Introducing Wootsy, keeper of Cape Knop Lighthouse. This Lighthouse is on the north most corner of the Island of Zoop.

Wootsy, the lighthouse keeper, bird art of the day

He is also bird # 18 of my ongoing "Flights of Fancy" collection.
Have a great day everyone!

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