Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh Udaipur!

I've been in a nostalgic mood this week, constantly thinking about my home town. I come from a tiny town called Udaipur in India. Its called 'City of lakes' and is encircled by lovely Aravali hills and is so breathtakingly beautiful!

The rolling hills, dozens of sparkling lakes, spring time waterfalls, gorgeous palaces, bright colorful clothing and stunning paintings. Sound like a dream?

Check these pictures out.
The paintings are in miniature style and have this amazing vibrancy about them. Hills and lakes is what I miss the most.

Palace inspired newer architecture and the current Maharaja - King of Udaipur.

More forts, palaces, lakes and colorful paintings

This is the imagery that have shaped my aesthetics. My love for bright colors come from these gorgeous miniature paintings, that I grew up with.

I miss you dear Udaipur, See you soon!

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  1. What beautiful photographs of your country. How long have you lived in the US?


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