Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bird art of the day - Man Friday finds a house

Howdy, stranger. Yesterday I came in very late. So, here I am posting together the two illustrations from yesterday and today.

The story - Its almost 20 minutes past five and just before dawn. D is tingling with anticipation. She is on her way to meet Birdumbus at the old house on the hill. Birdumbus has with him a message from Emperor of Zoop.

And this one is today's illustration.

Its called "Man Friday finds a house"

The story - After looking at several not so appropriate houses(look at my earlier illustrations), Man Friday finally found his dream home! Yay! I'm so happy for him!

Wish the same would happen to me soon. I have been house hunting since forever and its almost a full time job now. How I wish for the power to turn my illustrations into reality. Then I would have my dream home in a jiffy!!

Hope all your dreams are coming true.
To a great week, Cheers!

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