Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bird art of the day - Introducing Birdumbus

Birdumbus is the court traveler and historian for The emperor of Zoop. You will get a glimpse into his life in later illustrations.

It also is bird #17 of my ongoing "Flights of Fancy" Bird Art Collection.

Birdumbus, bird art of the dayAnd now its time for his first adventure - Birdumbus Visits St Basil's Cathedral.

Birdumbus is in Moscow on a secret mission. He needs to quickly find the very lovely, Daily Diva and deliver the Emperor's message. D is a legendary beauty and a court dancer.

Birdumbus, bird art of the day

Daily diva, bird art of the daySee you all tomorrow, with another new adventure!

PS. Comments and suggestion are always welcome. :)

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