Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bird art of the day - Birdumbus Disappears

Hello friends, its the middle of the week and the mystery deepens.

Here is the story so far
Scene 1 - (Birdumbus looking at St Basil's Cathedral) Birdumbus,the court traveler is in Moscow on a secret mission. He needs to quickly find the very lovely, Daily Diva and deliver the Emperor's message. D is a legendary beauty and a court dancer. (for the print here)

Scene 2 - ( D in her parlor) Daily Diva aka D had just come back from her morning fly when she notices a note on her table. The heavy cream envelope had a familiar embossed emblem. She smiled, Emperor Zoop needed her services again.(for the print here)

Scene 3 - ( D on a Gondola heading to the house on the hill) Its almost 20 minutes past five and just before dawn.D is tingling with anticipation. She is on her way to meet Birdumbus at the old house on the hill.
Birdumbus has with him a message from Emperor of Zoop. (for the print here)

Scene 4 - ( D outside the house on the hill standing next to a pool of blood. )Birdumbus has disappeared and D is staring with an impeding sense of doom at the pool of blood.
Could it be his blood? But, who could know that they were meeting here. Is her life in danger too? (for the print here)

Chronicles of Zoop, bird art of the day
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