Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello Monday! What do you have planned for the week? 

I have lots of (last minute) work to catch-up on, before we leave for Hawaii for  two (yes!!) weeks.  It's my 30 Birthday on September 1, and we are going to celebrate it with sun, sand and a little volcano lava (maybe). Yay!!

I want to share a new food illustration with you today. It's the most versatile vegetable known to us (at least in my book!) - The Potato. What food illustration series could be complete without the Potato, right? I have been working on these Potatoes for  a month or so, somehow I couldn't get it just right. They would either look like spotted eggs or rocks or just big blobs of colors! Well until now :)

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. They are in the same color palette as all my food illustrations too!  

Available for purchase here

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  1. I like how you have incorporated the spots. Enjoy your exciting trip to Hawaii and wish you a Very Happy Birthday in advance!


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