Wednesday, August 24, 2011


How are you doing? I hope all is well in your world : )

I have a very special story to share today. Last week a new mom got in touch with me (via etsy) to share her story and request a Peas illustration for her daughters room. Why Peas?  Well, I'll let Mariana (the new mom) tell you in her own words . "... my husband and I love our big backyard vegetable garden and were out picking peas this June when my water broke and our daughter decided to come two weeks early. So we like to say that she came in with the peas."(awwww!!) She went on to say "I hope perhaps your next one will be a rainbow of spring peas." 

I'm so happy to honor her request! Stories like these make my work so much more meaningful. Thanks Mariana!!

Peas, available for purchase here.

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