Monday, August 15, 2011

Paper boat

We have been having lots of rain! It has cooled things off and that's been great! The not-so-good part has been Bunny Bee running scared to hide under the couch every time it thunders. To distract her I have been making lots of paper boats for her to nibble on. 

Paper boats, rain and I go a long way back. When I was little I found it impossible to concentrate on what was happening in the class during monsoons. I coped by tearing sheets of paper from the note books and making lots and lots of paper boats, all the while desperately waiting for the lunch bell to ring. With the first ring of the bell I would run out with the boats stuffed in my skirt pockets to look for flowing rivulets of water. I thought paper boats sailing on rain water rivulet was the coolest things ever!

Paper boat, available for purchase here

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