Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Happy February everyone! I just love this month, don't you?

This month begins with a little experiment with potatoes. This batch of potatoes had eyes all over. I sliced a part with a bunch of germinating eye buds hoping for it to grow like carrot tops do.

deer art
Love mustache like roots and the tinge of purple!!

red antler art

Back to today's illustration. This one is a deer (and a hot one with red antlers ) instead of a bird.
wildlife artOne look at her and Mr. Antler is smitten!

This is the large window, covering one whole wall of my studio. There is so much natural light in this room that I never have to use any additional lighting for photography. Just the camera set on Hi light.

whimsical deer art

happy wall artfun wall art

fun limited edition prints

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