Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kitchen window

My week was filled with love, snow, unending bouts of sneezing , runny nose, marvels of nature and lots of hot milk and turmeric(it really works for cold). How was yours?

It all began when Poorvi pinged me last weekend with "It's snowing outside!". We played in the snow... I caught cold... Tarun fussed over me (I know perfect V-day ) and finally we went to Ruby falls. It is a breathtaking waterfall inside a mountain! We forgot our camera in the car so not many pictures to share.

bird and vase art

cheerful wall artRuby Falls
Image courtesy - spotlight tours

I was also working on a series of illustrations... light filled rooms with windows, a few random bottles and some general calm.

This is the first of the series. It's called Kitchen window.

happy bird art

My favorite IKEA frames. Don't know what will I do without them! Where do you guys buy your frames from? And what is the average price range?

colorful wall art
So long.
home art

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  1. Love this light-filled piece, and it looks fabulous in that IKEA frame. And Ruby Fall? Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photo.


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