Monday, September 19, 2011

Snow globe - Je T'aime

I have something magical to share with you today - A Snow Globe! Like most people I love holding the Snow Globe - with it's own tiny universe - in my hand and shaking it up to watch the snow flakes drift down in a elegant dance to an unseen rhythm. There is something very peaceful almost idyllic about it.  

I drew this Snow Globe in a bright yellow base with a Je T'aime ('I love you' in french) inscribed on it and a little bunny (holding a snow drop) inside it.  I put a little bunny in coz I missed Bunny Bee so much during our vacation. Her soft fur, thorough licks and the boundless energy. I love her so much!

Here is a very easy to follow tutorial for creating your very own real life snow globes from canning jars and such. 

Snow Globe - Je T'aime, available for purchase here

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