Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Illustration Rally - Floral Pattern

Illustration rally is running an open submission for patterns in three themes- Floral, Food and Pets. Here is my submission for the first one. You will remember the carnations from this illustration. I know almost nothing about creating patterns and found this tutorial on Design Sponge very helpful for creating this pattern. Any other pattern creating tutorials you would like to recommend?

Pattern Rally Submission 


  1. About pattern: you could also place the flowers randomly, in different orientations. Patterns, where there is only a single motif are easy, so that is possible. Jut make it a repeat.

  2. That's just lovely! The colors are so vibrant. I am picturing it in my head as a pretty shower curtain or sheets :)

  3. Love your super colorful style!
    Hugs from Venice, Italy


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