Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's bake

It's funny how our brains work. Monday morning I woke up wanting to draw a stand mixer. I was pretty perplexed, I don't bake nor do I own one. Then why was I thinking about it? Later during the day while I was collecting books to return to the library I realized it was because of the book Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee. In the book Emily bakes compulsively to get over the grief of losing her husband. 

I got the book from the library last week and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I just hadn't realize how much it had seeped in. Do you sometimes see connections between what you make and what you read? Does that fill your heart with wonder? 

Let's bake, available for purchase here.


  1. It's funny how you can make even a stand mixer seem fun and happy and cute. :)

  2. really really amazing illustrations..:)

  3. Super cute! And who wouldn't want that peeper's perch?


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