Monday, April 18, 2011

Bell Pepper

We had a nice quiet weekend at home. On friday as you already know, we celebrated Bunny Bee's Birthday and reminisced about the day we got her home, how tiny and scared she was, how she slowly bestowed her trust on us and how lucky we feel to be part of her life. 

On Saturday we threw the windows open and let the warm spring air in. While I was on the dining table drawing Bell Peppers,  Tarun and Bunny were playing their version of peek a boo - Tarun stomping around looking for her and bunny peeking her head out from under the couch ready to sneak up on him. These two are hilarious !  

Here are the Bell Peppers (or Capsicum as I'm accustomed to calling them). I'm itching to try screen print them. I should enroll in a class and brush up my skills. My vegetable and fruit illustrations will be perfect for screen printing on totes and kitchen towels. One day...

Bell Pepper, available for purchase here.


  1. Prags, screen printing sounds like a good thing!

  2. Oh yes... these would be lovely on kitchen items... aprons, towels, napkins! Go do the course!!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement friends!!

  4. Yes, your work did put a smile on my face :) it is beautiful, fun and cheerful <3


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