Friday, April 8, 2011


I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Mine was spent hiding indoors from the rain. But lucky for me, I had spring inside the house. Early this week we brought some red, yellow and pink (really beautiful!) Kalanchoe houseplants. They have been in full bloom all this week and make my heart sing :)

I'm also super excited about being at VIX Emporium tomorrow evening! Join me if you can!

While talking about the Go West! Craft Fest and the subsequent 'The Things Spring Brings' Julia west from from the Philadelphia city paper wrote - "...VIX Emporium's first feature artist of the year, Pragya Kothari, whose illustrations are cutesy and springlike enough to make you forget about all these April showers." Yay! 

Today's asparagus have been on my drawing board forever. I kept drawing and redrawing the scales/ leaves till they felt just right. I also used a lighter color palette on this illustration. What do you think? 

Asparagus, available for purchase here.


  1. Asparagus are my favorite vegetable, and seeing them in these rainbow colors made me giggle. :) I love the fresh color palettes you use for all your work.

  2. Thanks Kelly! I love to see new people on my blog and enjoy going back to take a look at theirs. Hope you stop by again. To our success!

  3. i think it's very pretty. i like how you simplified the shapes into triangles, & nice color scheme. it inspires me! :)


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