Monday, March 7, 2011


Hello Monday! I'm back from a lovely weekend at Hershey*, hope you had a good one too.   

This morning get ready for some offbeat facts about eggplant. It's a native to India, where it is considered to be the King of Vegetables(yes, really!). And like tomatoes, eggplants are not vegetables but fruits. It's also believed to have the highest highest level of nicotine of any fruit or vegetable!

Have any eggplant recipes to share?

Eggplant, available for purchase here.

* The same hershey town with the signature Hershey Kiss lights and the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Yes, the sweetest place on earth!


  1. And you know what.. in India tomatoes came from outside India and they were called as 'Vilayati Baigan' or simply 'Vilayati'. I never knew of it .. until now when I visited a friend's house who told me about it. I had to confirm it with my mom and grandmother. hahah..
    Egglant aka Brinjal aka Foreign Tomato ;)


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