Thursday, September 3, 2015

Watermelon Love

Cold watermelon (right out of the fridge!) is our family’s favorite summer foods. From Ayan to Montana and Bunny Bee, everyone loves it!

Late afternoons, after Ayan is back from daycare, I cut up tiny pieces of watermelon and put it on the palm of my hand. He’ll grab one and run after a toy and come back and pick another tiny morsel and run again. Every time he grabs a piece, his eyes light up and his cute little face, dripping with sticky juice breaks into a smile. My heart stops for that one second and I think this is the best moment of my life so far.

Both of us in exactly the place we’d rather be, more than anywhere in the world.

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I hope your summer is as full of joy and twinkling eyes as ours is.


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