Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Whoo-hoo! It's apple picking season! At the beginning of fall, Tarun and I like to pack a picnic lunch and head out for some apple-picking mayhem at our favorite Orchard. While we wait for the hay ride to arrive we browse through the shops, sample their fall deserts and drink lots of apple cider (what can I say, Linvilla has the best Cider around!). Once into the orchard we savor the fall sunshine, smell the wildflowers and fill our buckets with perfectly ripened apples. There is something heavenly about biting into a ripe apple plucked straight from the tree!

Once home we look forward to drinking lots of fresh pressed Apple Ginger Juice. Here is my favorite recipe.

Do you love apple picking? What do you do with all your apple loot?  

Apples, available for purchase here

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