Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yellow Flip Flops

Did I mention I'm taking swimming lessons? I got to YMCA every tuesday and am slowly picking up on exhaling under water. It is so much more difficult than it looks! 

These lessons prompted a series of illustrations loosely based around swimming. Flip Flops were the first things that I drew. I love the multitude of colors and prints they come in and how comfortable and relaxed I feel while wearing them.
This illustration is based on my desire to paint magnolias on my favorite pair. I wonder if there is a place that does custom printed Flip Flops. 

Yellow Flip Flops, available for purchase here.


  1. I like these flip flops too! Happy swimming! The best thing to do in the summer.

  2. Pragya, custom flip flops sounds like a fabulous idea to me. I would love to be wearing art like this on my feet:):) Not only do I love the flip flops, also the bird perching on one of them...simply beautiful!

  3. Flip-flops looks gr8! Love the print on it:) Custom flip flops of this kind would be pretty interesting.


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