Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's raining love, why keep dry?

Was able to figure out the white balance of my camera yesterday... yay!! As it turns out, it was a simple turning of the dial. You can see the difference in today's results. This is our bed with the raining love print over it. Love the light!

Last week I also ordered a new set of business cards and bookmarks for the shop. They will soon get added to each order.

Just couldn't stop myself from creating this one... lol! I just might get one of these printed for us :)
Update - You can buy the T-shirt here - It's raining love


  1. nice... very nice... the rain... the love and the little birdy..

  2. The t-shirt design is a great idea... you should consider it for your shop!!! I might buy one!

  3. very beautiful and touching! love your sentiments and your art Pragya!

  4. do you ever print onto tee shirts? I would love this one.


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