Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We're back!!

It's just been a day here and my creative juices are flowing already!! Seems like Altanta is agreeing with me :D

We are still waiting for a broadband and cable connection and our boxes and car should arrive before thanksgiving. I'm currently in a neighbor's apartment using her internet for the time being. Work should get back to full flow soon now.

It's been drizzling since morning...the lovely kind of light rain that washes off all the grime from trees and makes the leaves green and sparkly. Rain makes me think of tea and here is my interpretation of tea in today's artwork.


Bird art of the day, bird art


  1. Oh lovely.. the hanging tea bags... make me crave for a cup of tea as well...

  2. Love the new bird with tea bags. So glad Atlanta is agreeing with you! You'll be even more at home, of course, when you get all your stuff! Wishing you continued good luck with the settling-in process.


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